How to turn your party into a 1920s Cabaret

A 1920s jazz band goes with 1920s cabaret like bread and butter.

One of the most famous on-screen depictions of an underground cabaret is The Kit Kat Klub, from Bob Fosse’s 1972 film, Cabaret. Its 1920s Berlin setting means going underground was not only atmospheric, but the only way to keep the party going.

Throwing your own cabaret party? Here’s how to do it.

Make it dark, dingy, and slightly illicit

Kit Kat Klub patrons were treated to tiny tables, low lighting, a small stage for intimate performances, and even telephones to help them communicate with other tables.

You don’t necessarily need Nazi officers banging on the doors to make your cabaret party authentic, but some elements of secrecy are a must. A smaller venue is ideal, particularly if it’s underground or has a cellar to drink and dance in.

Give your guests permission to really dress up

It’s not a cabaret without excess. Costumes ideally need to be sparkly, skimpy, feathered, and bejewelled – regardless of gender! Bob Fosse’s Cabaret is full of cross-dressing and gender subversion, so it’s only right your guests know they don’t need to put themselves in a box marked ‘male’ or ‘female’.

Encourage dressing up on the invitation. You can be as strict (no feather boa, no entry!) or as flexible as you want.

1920s jazz band

Source: The Stage

Leave things rough around the edges

Bob Fosse’s creation is far from a slick musical with perfect costumes and synchronised dance routines, it’s much darker. Cabaret is set during a time when Germany was going through major inflation, and even the basics cost a fortune. The songs are appropriately unnerving, the sets are often simple, and the characters are difficult to get on with at times. It was designed to be disarming.

You don’t have to keep your party to a strict budget to reflect the hard times faced by the characters, but those ‘rough around the edges’ details can help you choose entertainment, refreshments, and decorations that really fit the theme.

Book performers that set the mood

Cabaret singers, musicians, and performers are not there to play along in the background. Choose well, and your guests will love the show they can put on.

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