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1920s-inspired events are always a great choice for a theme. Are you are planning a private birthday party or large-scale corporate party entertainment? If so, there’s something about the 1920s that just works! Here we look at some of the most popular ideas. From speakeasy parties to themed parties inspired by TV or the silver screen, one thing is guaranteed – you’ll need to book first class live music entertainment.

Live music entertainment for Speakeasy and Prohibition Parties

You can really get in the swing of things by issuing special invitations with secret passwords and the like. The idea of high society mingling with the criminal element of the day was a fact of life in the 1920s. It’s still one of the attractions of throwing a speakeasy or prohibition-style event in 2023. There’s just something really seedy and illicit about the whole thing!

Of course, most speakeasies back in the day were low-budget, dingy and very secretive – they had to be. You can choose to recreate this, or you could go for a more upmarket version – such as a Great Gatsby-style party. This is the type of event that the organised crime bosses of the day would host during the Prohibition era.

Dark and dingy or luxurious and lavish – you decide!

Take inspiration from TV and Film

The 1920s has always been a popular decade for novelists and screenwriters to set their stories in. It was such a monumental decade in terms of social history. World War I was over, revolutions were happening, and social movements were bubbling up all over the world.

Probably as a direct result of the hardship faced by so many during the First World War, it was as if people were determined to cut loose, let their hair down, and simply have a damn good time! It was a particularly emboldening decade for women – but, in truth, everybody was up for a party.

Moreover, set against the backdrop of Prohibition, the Great Depression, and monumental social change, it’s no surprise to see the period so well-documented on page, stage, and screen.

Peaky Blinders to Downton Abbey and more

Do you need some inspiration from the small and large screen?

Here are some ideas from TV and film for a great 1920s-themed party.

‘Peaky Blinders’ is the most recent 1920s TV show to really capture the imagination of the British public. 

The story of the rise and fall of the Shelby family is set in the corrupt 1920s Birmingham streets. This insight into the underbelly and underworld of the city has borne themed-bars and all manner of tributes in recent years. This makes it the perfect pick for a 1920s-inspired shindig.

For a slightly more upmarket vibe, why not recreate the luxury and excess of perhaps the UK’s most popular ever period drama? It can only be the wonderful ‘Downton Abbey’?

Furthermore, for a blend of the gritty and the glitz, HBO’s iconic Prohibition-era series, ‘Boardwalk Empire’ is another inspired choice.

Live Music Entertainment for all 1920s events

At the end of the day, whatever theme you pick for your 1920s-inspired event, you will need first class live music entertainment. That’s where The Jazz Spivs come in!

The only way to make your 1920s party complete is to hire a professional 1920s jazz band. 

Get in touch to discuss your requirements. You can rest assured that we will create a performance and a vibe that will live long in the minds of your guests!