Back With a Bang: How to Throw a 1920s Party

When all is said and done, the last year and a half has been a time to forget. All in all, it’s been a nightmare, for so many reasons. But, hey, let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s look forward. Why not come back with a bang and throw the party to end all parties? What could be better than dressing up, being extravagant and stocking up the bar? What could be better than a live jazz band? Why not throw a 1920s party? Here’s how to do it.

How to throw a 1920s Party

Now you’ve settled on the 1920s as a theme for your big event, there’s still plenty to be decided with your thinking (flat) cap on. Do you go for the glitz and glamour of a Great Gatsby event? Or do you opt for the underworld seediness of a Speakeasy shindig? Why not throw in a curveball and choose a 1920s cabaret as your theme? So many options! Hopefully, our suggestions below will help you decide.

Throw a 1920s Party: Glitz, Glamour and Gatsby

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s legendary character, Jay Gatsby, was renowned for his lavish and extravagant parties. If you want to mimic the style, decorations should be gaudy. Gold, flowers and Art Deco style are the order of the day.

If you want to create a Gatsby feel, the menu should be lavish too – exciting and exotic. The dress code simply has to be extravagant too!

Evoke the Prohibition Era with a Speakeasy shindig

When you think of the 1920s, most people will either have Gatsby-style glamour on their mind, or the seedy scenario of a Speakeasy, with all the connotations of bootleg booze and gangsters that the Prohibition era conjures up.

It’s certainly an ideal choice of party theme, that’s for sure.

Choosing the venue is crucial. Do you go for dingy or decadent luxury? For some, a speakeasy is only a speakeasy if the venue is seedy and unglamorous. Venues were secret, of course, so you might want to incorporate a sense of intrigue with your invitations. You could just leave clues for your guests to find the venue, rather than printing the actual address on the invites. Just don’t make the clues too difficult. You want your guests to get there!

Throw a 1920s Party – Full Cabaret Style!

Think the Kit Kat Club, from the legendary movie Cabaret. Think low lighting, small tables and an intimate stage for performances. How closely you want to recreate 1920s Berlin is up to you, but whatever you choose, using Cabaret as a theme is a definite winner.

You don’t need the extravagance of a Gatsby-style event. However, this is still the perfect opportunity to dress up to the nines and let your hair down.

Live Jazz Bands for Hire

While a playlist or DJ might cut it at some events, the only thing that will work at a 1920s party is a bona fide 1920s live act. The Jazz Spivs are a live band specialising in music from the roaring twenties. They can even bring along their flapper girls – perfect if you want to encourage your guests to get their dancing shoes on. 

Perfect for a Gatsby, Speakeasy or Cabaret-inspired event, The Jazz Spivs will provide the ideal 1920s sounds for your event. To book, get in touch via our contact page.