For those parties which require a little extra pizzazz and style, the Jazz Spivs will happily bring with us a group of flapper girls to help get everyone on their feet. Flappers are now icons of 1920s style – young girls with short hair, short skirts and a penchant for jazz and good times. Our group make a big effort with their appearance and style to make sure they look the part – and of course, the dance moves are all authentic and taken from the twenties.

Interested in booking Flappers for your party?

We understand that party guests are sometimes reluctant to take to the dance-floor. With the flappers in action you can be sure of being entertained all night, whether it inspires you to put on your dancing shoes or not! If you’d like to know more, make a note on our quick enquiry form or get in touch with us now.

Don’t forget: Watch a video of the flappers in action