How to pre-plan a wedding or big event during lockdown

Coronavirus has shut down large (and small!) events for the foreseeable, but your wedding entertainment ideas don’t have to go on hold. You can start thinking about your big 2021 event right now.

Many venues and suppliers are closed and not taking bookings. Florists, caterers, event planners, and live bands like ourselves are temporarily closed for business too. While things are on hold you have the luxury of thinking about what you really want for your big 2021 event, whether it’s your big day, a corporate event, or a charity do.

This is how to start pre-planning during Covid-19.

wedding entertainment ideas

Brainstorm all your ideas

Be creative and don’t hold back! Start by getting all your ideas down somewhere where you can see them. This could be on paper, on post-its, in a scrapbook, or on a notes app on your phone or laptop if you prefer to do things digitally.

Ideas and elements should start to stand out and get your imagination going. It could be unforgettable wedding entertainment ideas, like an authentic 1920s jazz band. It could be a murder mystery game, a specific type of decoration, a food truck, or even a cocktail.

Distil your ideas

If you really did let your mind go wild, you’ve potentially been brainstorming hot air balloon rides and candy floss machines at your wedding reception. Great if you’ve got a huge budget, but everyone has to compromise somewhere.

As your vision for the event becomes more specific, you’ll need to cross out what won’t work, is too expensive, or would distract from the main event. The great thing about being in the pre-planning stage is you don’t have to permanently get rid of any of your ideas yet. Your plan can keep changing and the candy floss machine could be back in business!

wedding entertainment ideas

Work out a very flexible timeline

Best case? We can all come out of our houses by the end of summer and life returns to normality by Christmas. Worst case? It’s difficult to imagine…

Events can be hugely emotionally significant, particularly weddings. It could be very hard to imagine postponing all your wedding entertainment ideas for a year, or even two years, beyond what you hoped for.

Keep your mind occupied by creating a loose and flexible timeline. You could start by choosing your theme and earmarking the suppliers you’d love to work with, then virtually tour some venues online and browse party supplies you can see or buy online.

As lockdown lifts, talk to suppliers and small businesses

Local suppliers and small businesses need our support. As the lockdown rules start to (hopefully) change over the next few months, engage with them and tell them you want to work with them.

They might not be able to put any firm plans in place with you yet, but they can guide you on what they can provide. You could be able to make a flexible booking or find out what they can do when things are a bit more normal and stable. It all starts with a phone call, Facebook message, or email. They’ll thank you for it!

Wedding entertainment ideas: We’ll be ready to party when you are

The Jazz Spivs are on lockdown too. We’re all very busy practicing their toe-tapping bass lines and authentic 1920s tunes at home though…

When lockdown lifts we’ll be ready to perform again. To chat to us in the meantime, give us a call on 07397 903079 or use the form below.