6 ways to make event booking and planning less stressful

Got the venue sorted? Ready to hire a band for a party? Booked the caterer? If you’re already stressed, it’s time to get organised.

Whether you’re planning a corporate event at work, or a private party in your free time, the planning stage can be tough. It doesn’t matter whether you have 12 months or 12 weeks, all the little things can pile up very easily.

This is how to avoid the stress and still pull off a show-stopping event.

1. Create lists and reminders

Lists, calendar reminders, and even a few post-its, make forgetting important things far less likely. You’ll know exactly when something needs to be booked, confirmed, or paid for, how many weeks or days are left before the day itself, and you’ll have a clear reminder if anything slips your mind.

2. Don’t deal with it all alone

Stress increases when you don’t have any respite. If you can, share the load with a friend, colleague, or partner by dividing up tasks and delegating everything you can. If they’re just as invested in getting the event right as you are, they’ll be the perfect planning buddy.

hire a band for a party

3. Do your research

The more you know, the more potential problems you can avoid. If you’re hiring a PA system, make sure you’re not missing any essential equipment or cables by asking in advance. If the venue has rules about when the party begins and ends, make sure you know in advance. Anything you can do to avoid unpleasant surprises the day before.

Wedding planning in particular can be very expensive, so savvy couples often save cash and time by asking other couples what they did to avoid dramas and track down discounts. If in doubt, ask around.

4. Don’t let small problems become bigger than they need to be

Very often, we create our own stresses without even realising it. If the DJ isn’t responding to your emails already, look elsewhere. If a particular canapé selection involves too much preparation, go for something lower maintenance. The small details you have your heart set on won’t always pan out how you think they should. It’s okay to change the plan.

If you’re losing sleep over something – fix it, get rid of it, or choose something else.

hire a band for a party

5. Over-prepare rather than under-prepare

If rain ruins the outdoor portion of the evening, or the venue runs out of champagne flutes, there’s not very much you can do about it on the day. Some problems just can’t be foreseen.

Some can though, and you’ll feel a lot more secure if you know you have the worst case and most likely scenarios covered. Look through your list of party essentials and list potential plan Bs too.

6. Work with vendors and suppliers you trust

Catering, bar service, transport, and entertainment are usually best left to the professionals. With so much choice out there though, you have to be careful who you book with. You don’t want to hire a band for a party and end up with a last minute cancellation.

Ask people you trust for recommendations, look for independent reviews, and pay extra for experience. It’s worth it! When it comes to cut price caterers or live bands, you usually get what you pay for…

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