Jazz in the 21st Century – Our Top 5 Jazz Covers

As we often mention, our set lists aren’t made up of totally 20s jazz tunes. Though we ooze the Jazz Era, we occasionally perform jazz versions of modern numbers at events. They always go down well and get people dancing – especially if our Flappers have anything to do with it.

Recently on our Facebook and Twitter page we have been highlighting some good covers from jazz bands around the world. After extensive research (YouTube browsing over multiple cups of tea), here are five of the very best:

1.       Star Wars – Darth Vader march

Okay, so we may have missed May the 4th with this post but Star Wars is great all year round. Taken from one of the most iconic and popular soundtracks in movie history, the epic Richard Cheese gives this one the Jazz-over. All together now… “Piano solo! Bass solo! Drum solo! HAN SOLO”

2.       Enter Sandman

YouTube musician Andy Rehfeldt re-works the metal classic perfectly – even keeping the original vocals. The video is a must watch too, with original live footage overdubbed with the Jazztastic version.

3.       Smells Like Teen Spirit 

Famously covered by many, this version is performed live by the excellent The Bad Plus. I love how they keep the relatively raw and untamed sound in their cover. Not to mention the excellent double bass solo.

4.         Holding Back The Years

I never thought I would be praising a Simply Red number, not least on a 1920s jazz band website, but there’s no denying how beautiful this song is – obviously helped along considerably by the unstoppable Gretchen Parlato on vocals. A beautiful chilled-out number, the song takes on an entirely different meaning in this arrangement. It’s an absolute masterpiece.

5.       All about that bass

The most modern song on our list, Kate Davis plays bass and sings on this one. At over 15.5 million views it’s certainly a popular cover and one we often add to our own repertoire at performances.

So, there you have it – affirmation that everything is better as a jazz number!

Obviously there are hundreds more versions and songs we could have added – so do keep an eye on our Facebook page and we will keep them coming.

In the meantime, if there is a song you would like to hear performed by an exceptional jazz band at your event or wedding, do get in touch and book us to perform. You can even complete our online quote request form today.