Best Jazz Bands Near Me – The Jazz Spivs

When it comes to Google searches Best Jazz Bands Near Me is one of the top hits. And let’s make something crystal clear: the best jazz band near you is most definitely… The Jazz Spivs! Best Jazz Bands Near Me – and Countrywide! And the really good news is that when you type in the […]

Make The Jazz Spivs your choice for live music entertainment

1920s-inspired events are always a great choice for a theme. Are you are planning a private birthday party or large-scale corporate party entertainment? If so, there’s something about the 1920s that just works! Here we look at some of the most popular ideas. From speakeasy parties to themed parties inspired by TV or the silver […]

How to throw the ultimate 1920s-themed party

Okay, so Covid seems to have reared its ugly head again and looks set to cause more havoc to hospitality and entertainment. However, with any impending lockdown restrictions likely to be relatively short-term, hopefully thoughts will soon be able to turn once more to events and parties. Before we know it, we’ll all be back […]

Back With a Bang: How to Throw a 1920s Party

When all is said and done, the last year and a half has been a time to forget. All in all, it’s been a nightmare, for so many reasons. But, hey, let’s not dwell on the past. Let’s look forward. Why not come back with a bang and throw the party to end all parties? […]

Jazz Band Hire Cheshire: Jazz Spivs

Are you planning an event and looking to book live entertainment? If you are, then the chances are that your thoughts have turned to jazz. Jazz is a perennial favourite and with jazz band hire Cheshire you are spoiled for choice. However, whether you are looking for wedding entertainment or a party band,  it’s nice to […]

Perfect hire for 1920s events: Jazz Spivs

Themed events are more popular now than they have ever been. There are many reasons for this, of course. However, one of the most obvious ones is that giving a get-together a theme elevates it from a simple party or celebration into a genuine event. It could be the dressing-up (people just love it!). Many […]

Hiring a jazz Band: The Essential Guide

Jazz. Truly a music genre for all seasons and every occasion, jazz is the dream ticket of events entertainment. Few, if any, types of music are so adaptable and versatile. Jazz suits the classiest of weddings. It’s ideal for themed events and parties. Raucous gatherings and decadent speakeasy shindigs cry out for it. Jazz is […]

Prohibition Party Time: 1920s themed events

Themed party events are definitely in vogue right now. What’s more, the 1920s is the decade many party planners opt for when it comes to putting on a razzle dazzle event. So, why is it that a prohibition party always come high on the list? Well, the 1920s as a decade has so much for […]

Peaky Blinders Themed Party With The Jazz Spivs

The BBC drama series Peaky Blinders wound up its 4th series just before Christmas. Slowly but surely the programme has steadily grown in popularity. An instant cult classic since the first series aired in 2013, the show maintains a real sense of cool. The series still airs on BBC2 – helping it keep its cult […]

Book Last Minute Christmas & New Year Entertainment

With Halloween and Bonfire Night both out of the way, attention will now be focused on one thing and one thing only… Christmas! Of course, shop displays have had a Christmas theme for weeks. Ever since the ‘Back to School’ items were put away at the beginning of September, Xmas has been on the shelves! […]