1920s Themed Weddings – a String Quartet Alternative

The Jazz Spivs do Twenties themed weddings!

1920s themed weddings have become very popular in recent years. We perform at a wide variety of events – a customer recently called us and asked “Do you do weddings?”

The answer was a resounding “YES!”

The 1920s sound of The Jazz Spivs are a fantastic choice for all kinds of weddings, providing a unique alternative to the classic wedding entertainment choice, the string quartet.

We’re a live band specialising in music from the roaring twenties

Lets see how we measure up to the features of the traditional string quartet:

Can play acoustically (no power needed)

The Jazz Spivs are a convenient choice for 1920s themed weddings because, like a string quartet, they can make a great sound in good sized room with no extra amplification required. Of course, if you wish we can also bring our full PAT tested and certified PA equipment.

Both can be positioned anywhere

Perfect to fill a tricky entrance hallway with no power sockets or an outdoor marquee or lawn, The Jazz Spivs can be positioned anywhere in your wedding venue.

Small group of musicians for 1920s themed weddings

With no need for a expensive, large band, just four band members can really pack a punch in terms of making a big sound. Unlike a string quartet, we are suitable for providing entertainment both during the ceremony and for a full evenings reception! Want some exit music or a ditty while you are signing the register? Contact us. Want your guests to have an unforgettable evening jiving and dancing the foxtrot with our authentic 1920s Flappers? Get in touch!

1920s themed weddings would not be complete without the Jazz Spivs Flapper Girls!
Take a look at our song list to see which of your 1920s favourites we can play at your wedding!

What we love about weddings is that each one is unique, so we will work with you every step of the way from our response to your online enquiry form or phone call (07397 903079) to the last note of the evening to make sure we provide you with the entertainment you require.

Here’s a review from John and Natalie who booked us for their wedding reception:

“The band was completely awesome and totally exceeded our expectations. Their musical style was upbeat and full of life and had everyone dancing. They are clearly highly accomplished musically and some of the pro musicians we had as wedding guests were particularly impressed. We loved them and would highly recommend them to anyone, especially if you are hoping to avoid the standard-issue covers band style”
— John & Natalie

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