Product launch – tips for planning your event

A product launch is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are a global corporate giant or a start-up. You have gone through the stresses and strains of developing a new product. You don’t want to let its launch to go by unannounced and unnoticed. You don’t just ship it out to retailers or list it on your e-commerce site. You want it to be noticed. You want it to be launched! It really doesn’t matter what size or scale the product or the business is. A product launch event is a fantastic opportunity to get attention for your product. The quality of the event itself – if you get it right – can live long in the memory of your audience too.

Things to consider about launching your product

Developing and launching a new product can be a complicated and there are many things to consider. Brands will spend a lot of time considering the best time of year to launch, for example. But questions such as the time of year you choose for your product launch, or the market you are aiming at (Summer holidays, Christmas, etc.) are not what we are dealing with here.

Your PR, marketing and ad campaigns will be a crucial component of your product’s success. But here we are assuming that all of that is in place. Everything is set. You have your product. Your marketing is all in place. You’ve chosen a date to launch.

Now you just to need to plan, organise and hold your product launch event.

The purpose and audience of your event

This is crucial, but might not be as obvious as it sounds. A product launch event isn’t just about getting exposure or having as many people as possible find out about your product. It is about reaching your target audience.

You need a clear goal for your event. It could be sales, distribution, industry recognition or media coverage. You really need to decide what your goal is first. This will influence the style of your event. Don’t try and cater for the needs of several different audiences. It is very difficult to do so successfully. It is better to hold 3 different product launch events for separate audiences rather than staging a single catch-all event.

The style of your event

Choosing a suitable style for the product launch event is crucial. It should match both the product you are launching and your target audience. At the end of the day, it is all about your target audience. This will be what determines the style of the event.

Choose a venue – create and experience

In many ways, it is the experience you create for your audience that is the most important thing. This can be even more important than the product itself. The style and venue are vital in creating the right tone, ambience and mood. These are the factors that help to create a real sense of an all-round experience.

The typical settings for product launches are press conferences and cocktail parties. There is nothing essentially wrong with either. However, if you can think of a way of doing things a little bit differently – go for it!

Entertainment for your product launch event

A fantastic way of ensuring your event is an genuine experience that is remembered is to book live music entertainment. Live music will suit most product launches. Silk Street Entertainment have a roster that boasts hundreds of acts. From soul to string quartets and all styles in between. Check out the list of acts here All Styles, All Areas, All Budgets.

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