How To Make The Most Of Live Bands For Hire

Throwing a party is expensive, but it’s worth every penny if it results in memories that will last a lifetime. To make your event one that people won’t stop talking about, you’ll want to make the most of your venue, live bands for hire, and any other entertainment that you’ve booked in for the occasion.

We can’t speak for other aspects of your event, but we do have a few insider secrets on how you can get your money’s worth out of a live band, and ensure that guests are given an unforgettable experience.

Take these tips on board, and you’re guaranteed to see the band on tip-top form when your party rolls around.

Keep things fluid

If your event is spread out across multiple rooms, or guests will be moving both indoors and outdoors at various points during their visit, you’ll need to make sure the live band are able to move with them.

This fluidity will allow the music group to become a permanent fixture of the party. It’ll reinforce the right kind of atmosphere and provide a brilliant melodic backdrop to proceedings, no matter where they might be taking place.

Give the band flexibility

Many live bands for hire are capable of playing multiple music genres and changing styles to adapt with a particular environment. If you’ve got a classy party going on and want to keep the atmosphere somewhat low-key (so your guests can mingle without being forced to shout over one another), you’ll need to hire a band who will be able to satisfy these conditions.

However, to get the most of your live band, you may want to think about offering them a little flexibility. Giving them freedom to switch up the pace from time to time – and maybe even playing a few unexpected old favourites – can really get the crowd going at the backend of the party. Trust in your band’s capabilities, and they’ll add a refreshing injection of diversity to proceedings.

Break up the schedule

If you’re asking a live band to perform for several hours, they won’t be able to put on their best possible performance when their stomachs are growling and their heads are swimming. Before you book any live bands for hire, be sure to discuss your party schedule and explore opportunities where they can take a break.

If you can’t afford to supply the whole band with the same dishes your guests are having, it’s important to pencil in a period where the players can tuck into something that keeps their energy levels topped up to the max.

When booking live bands for hire, you’ll need to search for a group who will offer you an experience rather than just a performance. The Jazz Spivs do exactly that. We’re equipped to slip seamlessly into all types of events, producing a memorable jazz-infused routine that your guests will never forget.

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