Hire a 1920s Band – The Jazz Spivs & 1920s Flappers

1920s flappers are a key feature of Roaring Twenties parties. Not only can you hire the Jazz Spivs for your 1920s party, but why not invite our 1920s flapper dancers to add some real razzle-dazzle to your next bash! Have a look at our video above to see the girls in action.

We are very excited to be performing our 1920s music with the authentic 1920s dancing happening right before our eyes. It’s like being back in the 1920s as the girls dance a slick quick step, foxy foxtrot and cheeky Charleston. The flapper girls put a lot of effort into authenticity of appearance and style and will help bring the 1920s back to life for you.

Watch the band too:

1920s flappers for Great Gatsby themed parties!

Ideal for your Great Gatsby themed party, vintage wedding, corporate event or, prohibition speakeasy styled night, the 1920s Flappers are available to suit your budget. Hire our 1920s flapper dancers from a solo right through to the full 4-piece.

Offering both a free-styling or choreographed option the girls are available to dance to both live band and even do a feature in the middle of your party to a stylish backing track. With The Jazz Spivs – the UK’s top Roaring Twenties jazz band – to hand too, prepare yourself for an evening of Roaring 1920s entertainment!

Silk Street Flappers - genuine 1920s flappers for hire anywhere in the UKSilk Street Flappers - highly authentic flapper dancers.

Hire us!

To hire (or enquire about) the Jazz Spivs or the Silk Street Flappers, call Jonathan at the Jazz Spivs on 07397 903079. We’ve always got time for a chat especially when it comes to the things we love, which are vintage clothing, music and entertaining! Hire the Silk Street Flappers and the Jazz Spivs to bring that something special to your 1920s themed event anywhere in the United Kingdom.