The Jazz Spivs’ Booking FAQ’s

Is a deposit required?

Yes, a booking deposit is required to secure the date.

When is the balance due?

The balance is due by the date shown on your invoice.

What are your invoice payment terms?

Payment is requested within 30 days of your event date. Any balance due should be settled by the date shown on your invoice.

What are the payment methods?

We accept Debit/Credit card, cheque, BACS, online banking or payment securely through our website. We do not accept cash.

Is there a charge for using a credit or debit card?

There is a £1 fee for using a debit card. We charge a 2.5% fee on all credit card transactions.

Are your prices all inclusive?

Our prices quoted are ‘all inclusive’ (unless stated otherwise) and will be the total fee you will pay. There are no hidden charges.

What are your travel charges?

The travel charges have been included in your quote.

What will you wear?

We will dress as advertised unless requested otherwise. Please specify the attire at the time of booking.

Do you have a Song List?

Yes. We know lots of songs, contact us for the full list.

When will you arrive?

We will between 30 – 60 minutes prior to the performance start time.

How long do you need to set up?

Between 10 – 30 minutes depending on the line up you choose.

Can you set up earlier in the day?

All quotes include an arrival time of between 60 and 30 minutes. We would be pleased to arrive earlier than this though there would be an additional charge. Please contact us if you require us to be on site earlier in the day.

Our Venue requires Public Liability Certificates, where can we get these?

Our Public Liability certificates can be sent across to you. Just get in touch.

What are your power requirements?

The 4-piece band usually performs acoustically (no power required). However, on some occasions we need access to a standard 240v power socket. For example if using the electric piano, microphone, plugging in the guitar or playing music in the breaks. An extension lead can also be extremely useful. We will notify you of power requirements in advance of the event.

Use of equipment

Our equipment is for the use by the musicians only. The equipment is very expensive and the instruments are our ‘tools of the trade’. Without our instruments we cannot carry out our profession.

What space does the band need?

All instruments are handheld except for the double bass. For a 4-piece imagine 3 people sitting and 1 standing. We require chairs.

Can you play in two locations?

Yes we can perform a set in one area and then one in another as long as they are in close proximity to each other (i.e. the same venue). If there are 2 venues please let us know at the time of booking as we will need a little time to move equipment. Please notify us in advance.

Can we take photos or video of the band?

We are happy for the you and guests to take photos / video of us as long as it is for personal use only and you agree to upload it to our facebook page for us to see afterwards!

What happens if we are concerned about the volume?

Our musicians are very sympathetic to the environment they perform in. If you think it’s too loud or too quiet, then please do not hesitate to come and tell us. Remember, the bigger the band, then usually the louder the volume!

Can you perform requests?

Usually we can perform the request as long as we are notified at the time of booking. Requests must be ‘in scope’ and the music must be of a similar style. Modern rock/pop numbers don’t usually work!

Can the band perform Happy Birthday?

Yes, no problem, just let us know when you would like it performed.

We have a friend who would like to perform with the band, is this possible?

Yes, this works best earlier on. They must know what it is they would like to perform and we must be notified at the time of booking. Singers must know the key they would like to sing their song in. We very rarely encourage impromptu performances.

Do I need to provide refreshments?

Refreshments are always gratefully received. For afternoon events, sandwiches or canapés are acceptable. For evening events, access to the buffet or a hot meal would be much appreciated.

We / I cannot provide refreshments, what shall we do?

Please contact us to discuss.

When should refreshments be provided?

We are always grateful if the food can be provided in between our performance sets, it helps keep the energy levels up during our performance! During the break or beforehand is usually best.

Do we need to provide a band room / space?

A secure, lockable room to store instruments, cases and personal property is very useful. Having access to a room also allows us to relax in between sets. Access to electricity is extremely useful when using musical equipment etc. If the event is outside then an area with table and chairs specifically for our use is a good idea.

Do I need to provide or be responsible for parking facilities?

Yes, we have a lot of equipment and instruments. Providing parking as close to the venue as possible allows us to unload quickly and get set up promptly. If no free parking facilities are available then please let us know in advance as there may have to pass on some parking costs to you.

Performing Outside?

We are happy to perform outside as long as its not too cold and the conditions are suitable. If in direct sunlight then some form of shade is very much appreciated. If it is raining then the band will perform under suitable cover.

Performance start & finish times?

We will always start performing our first set at the start time on your booking form. We will then spread the sets over the duration of the event with breaks. If the last set ends before the performance finish time then we can leave the event as this allows for pack up time and loading.

I need to change the venue or alter my performance start & finish times?

If you need to alter the venue or performance times on your booking form and if we accept, then there would be a contract amendment fee. We will have accepted performances at other venues before and after your event. Any change in the agreed times may affect our performance schedule.

Can we divide the set times up differently?

Yes, we are happy for you to divide the set times up into smaller more frequent sets to cater for your requirements. The total performance time must match that of the previous agreed sets and must start and finish at the same time on the booking form.

What happens if the event runs late?

If the event runs late then we will do our best to alter the sets to fit in with the late running of the event. We cannot accommodate any loss in performance time due to the late running of an event. We will have another engagement to get to afterwards and it important that we leave at the time agreed.

What happens if I need to cancel my booking?

To cancel your booking please put it in writing to our office address or via email. Cancellation within 12 months of (but more than 6 months prior to) the event, you are liable for 25% of the balance fee. Cancellation within 6 months of the event then 50% of the balance fee is due. Within 2 months of the event 75% of the balance fee is due and within 1 month of the event 100% of the fee is payable. The booking deposit is non-refundable.

Can the band perform extra sets?

Yes, if all musicians agree then we can perform extra sets for you. The fees for any extra performance time must be negotiated directly with us and must be settled in full in cash before the additional performance commences.

If you do not find the answer above then please contact us.