Roaring Twenties: How did the 1920s roar?

The Roaring Twenties is a term you hear a lot. For anybody planning an event such as a wedding, corporate event or any sort of party, the Roaring Twenties at the very least pops up on the ‘Possible Themes’ list. The term conjures up images of glitz, glamour – even decadence. But what exactly was […]

Funeral Band: Hire a jazz band for a funeral

Funerals. Nobody likes to talk about them but sadly they are inevitable. It’s natural for people to want to avoid the subject of funerals. Making arrangements for funerals can be very stressful and traumatic.  Funerals will always be a time of great sadness for the family and friends of the deceased. A funeral band can […]

Product launch – tips for planning your event

A product launch is important. It doesn’t matter whether you are a global corporate giant or a start-up. You have gone through the stresses and strains of developing a new product. You don’t want to let its launch to go by unannounced and unnoticed. You don’t just ship it out to retailers or list it on your […]

Jazz Legends of the 1920s

For many people, the defining era of jazz has to be the 1920s. We often hear the decade described as ‘the roaring twenties’ and it certainly did roar with incredible talent. Some of the most gifted jazz musicians that have ever walked the Earth rose to prominence during this golden era. The term ‘legend’ is […]

1920s stylish jazz inspired wedding

1920s themed wedding of Marie-Louise and Nicholas We had the recent pleasure of performing at the wonderful 1920s themed wedding of Marie-Louise and Nicholas. The wedding was held back in the throws of summer on the 30th July. And what a day it was. The bride looked magnificent, the groom was charming and the guests […]

Great Gatsby – your brand in the Roaring Twenties

Great Gatsby themed events to promote your brand! Good afternoon Dames and Gents, and welcome to the 1920s New York of the Great Gatsby; where the broads are dancing the Charleston, the gents are sipping whisky out of a teacup and the band is churning out some of the best jazz ever recorded. When we’ve […]

Great Gatsby – plan the perfect 1920s themed party

Great Gatsby is, in our opinion, the very best theme for a 1920s party. The classic novel turned film epitomises everything that made the Roaring Twenties the best decade to be alive. Having performed at our fair share of Gatsby shindigs, we’ve picked up a few top tips on how to make the event the […]

Kate Earl featured on BBC Introducing

Kate Earl, Alaskan singer with 1920’s vibe Kate Earl recently contacted us to be her support band in a live performance for the BBC Introducing performing arts programme. As a band for hire in the UK, we are used to playing in some wonderful places and entertaining party guests up and down the UK. When […]

Twenties themed parties – get ready for the new Roaring Twenties

Twenties themed party! When the clock counts down to welcome in 2017, make sure you’re partying like it’s 1927 The Twenties were a truly decadent decade. As we hurtle towards the new Twenties (the 2020s), make sure you’re ahead of the curve by embracing everything that made the Roaring 20s the greatest decade on record. […]

1920s Christmas parties!

1920s Christmas Those in the events world will know that, although we’re on the tail-end of summer, now is when the Christmas functions begin getting booked up. The Jazz Spivs are pleased to have had a number of 1920s Christmas bookings already, and we’re very much looking forward to dusting off the festive hats and […]



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