1920s themed events: Why you need them in your life!

If you are throwing a party or planning an event in 2017, you need a theme. Themed events add something special. They make an occasion truly special and truly memorable. Of all the themes that you could choose, one stands out from all the rest: 1920s themed events.

1920s themed events: Why are they so special?

Why is it that 1920s themed events are so special? Well, the answer is down to what the decade conjures up in people’s minds. This is the Roaring Twenties, after all. A period of great change but also a period of decadence and fun! This is the era of prohibition. Having a good time has moved underground as speakeasies sell alcohol illegally. The flappers and dappers are spending long nights drinking and dancing. It makes us think of canapés, cocktails and champagne and it makes us think of jazz.

1920s themed events: Swanky joints and speakeasies

The idea of a 1920s themed event plays to our naughty side in many respects. It also makes us think of glitz, glamour and The Great Gatsby. It’s true that many speakeasies were dark, dank and dingy places. In fact, not the most salubrious of places at all. However, some speakeasies were the complete opposite. These were the high-class establishments. They offered food and entertainment. They were the ‘swanky joints’. Okay, they were often run by those heavily involved in organised crime. This just adds to the appeal somehow and encouraging guests to your 1920s themed event to dress as gangsters and their molls is great fun!

And if you really want glamour, Gatsby-inspired events are an obvious choice. Sharp suits, art deco decorations and the obligatory champagne (and lots of it!). Nothing screams glamour more than The Great Gatsby.

How to set the scene for a 1920s themed event

You might want to go ‘the whole hog’ with your 1920s themed event. You might just want to take a bit of inspiration from the roaring twenties or give just a passing nod to this great decade. A lot will depend on the occasion, your guests and your budget.

If you want to create an authentic speakeasy experience then you need to create a sense of adventure. You could make your guests have to search for the venue. Give an identifiable feature so that guests can identify the venue. Give out a password. Ask guests to use a special knock, or hand in a special item at the door.

If that seems to be taking things a bit too far, there are still many ways you can set the 1920s scene inside your event venue. Decorate with rich fabrics. Use subdued lighting and recreate the speakeasy vibe with round tables decked with heavy tablecloths.

Crystal glasses, silver platters and art deco touches around the room will help to give the room a 1920s feel.

And finally… you need music!

No party is complete without music. No 1920s themed event would be complete without music either. And if it’s the 1920s, it has to be jazz.

Thought by many to be the golden age of jazz. The 1920s was the decade was the time when jazz spread from its spiritual home of New Orleans. Jazz exploded in the great cities of Chicago and New York City… and beyond that – the world.

The sound of a live jazz band can’t be beaten. If you want to make your 1920s event really swing with the sound of jazz, The Jazz Spivs are the perfect hire. For corporate parties and events or weddings with a 1920s theme, the Jazz Spivs will bring the roaring twenties alive at your event!

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